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Simulating Alternative School Choice Options in Boston - Main Report

Simulating Alternative School Choice Options in Boston

School Assignment, January 2013

SEII researchers use econo­met­ric analy­sis to sim­u­late the con­se­quences of pro­posed alter­na­tive school choice plans in Boston. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Superintendent Carol Johnson request SEII’s tech­ni­cal assis­tance to use exist­ing choic­es fam­i­lies have made in Boston’s choice plan to pre­dict how plans would have faired in the cur­rent school year. SEII Director Professor Parag Pathak and grad­u­ate stu­dent Peng Shi con­duct the analysis.

The main report con­tains an exec­u­tive sum­ma­ry and analy­sis of the BPS 10-Zone plan and two non-zone plans.

The tech­ni­cal appen­dix con­tains fur­ther details on the demand esti­ma­tion and sim­u­la­tion methodology.

The graph­i­cal appen­dix con­tains fur­ther analy­sis of the plans.

SEII does not take a posi­tion on the over­all mer­its of any plan.

Please also see the cov­er memo that Boston Public Schools (BPS) cir­cu­lat­ed with the report, which has an intro­duc­tion and neigh­bor­hood analy­sis summary.