Savannah Kochinke

Savannah is a research affil­i­ate assist­ing Professor Elizabeth Setren. She grad­u­at­ed from Georgetown University in 2016 with a degree in International Economics and the London School of Economics in 2020 with a MSc in Economics. Prior to join­ing the NBER and SEII, Savannah worked as a Research Analyst for Cornerstone Research, an eco­nom­ic lit­i­ga­tion con­sult­ing firm, and at the Centre for Economic Performance, an eco­nom­ic research cen­tre at the LSE. At the SEII, she is involved in eval­u­at­ing the impact of an edu­ca­tion deseg­re­ga­tion bus­ing pro­gram on stu­dents’ aca­d­e­m­ic, behav­ioral, col­lege, and long-term out­comes, and fur­ther ana­lyz­ing how these effects vary by stu­dent demo­graph­ics. Savannah’s main research inter­ests are in applied micro­eco­nom­ics, labor, edu­ca­tion, and crime eco­nom­ics and how they relate to reduc­ing inequality.