Peng Shi

Peng is inter­est­ed in devel­op­ing quan­ti­ta­tive method­olo­gies for the bet­ter­ment of soci­ety. His cur­rent research focus­es on opti­miza­tion in match­ing mar­kets, with appli­ca­tions in school choice, pub­lic hous­ing, and online mar­ket­places. His research on school choice has won mul­ti­ple awards, includ­ing the ACM SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award, the INFORMS Public Sector Operations Best Paper Competition, and the INFORMS Doing Good with Good Operations OR Student Paper Competition. Prior to join­ing USC, he com­plet­ed a PhD in oper­a­tions research at MIT, and was a post-doc­tor­al researcher at Microsoft Research.