Kenya Heard

Kenya is a research fel­low pro­vid­ing assis­tance to Professors Josh Angrist, David Autor, Sally Hudson, and Amanda Pallais. In 2016, she earned a BA in eco­nom­ics with a minor in math­e­mat­ics from Wheaton College in Illinois. Prior to join­ing SEII, Kenya worked as a research and train­ing asso­ciate at J-PAL North America. At SEII, Kenya is involved in eval­u­at­ing the impact of post-sec­ondary schol­ar­ships on col­lege enroll­ment, per­sis­tence, and labor mar­ket out­comes. Kenya’s main research inter­ests include iden­ti­fy­ing and eval­u­at­ing poli­cies that aim to reduce eco­nom­ic and racial inequality.