The ‘Metrics’ System: Economist’s new book teaches how to conduct cause-and-effect studies on complex social questions”

MIT News; December 1, 2014

People are con­stant­ly look­ing at the world around them and try­ing to learn from it, and that’s nat­ur­al,” MIT econ­o­mist Joshua Angrist says. “But it turns out to be very dif­fi­cult to sort out cause and effect, because the world is com­pli­cat­ed, with many things hap­pen­ing at once.”
Angrist, the Ford Professor of Economics, has long been one of the lead­ing advo­cates of research that uses “ceteris paribus” prin­ci­ples. Now, along with Jorn-Steffen Pischke of the London School of Economics, Angrist has writ­ten a book on the sub­ject for a gen­er­al audi­ence, “Mastering ‘Metrics: The Path from Cause to Effect,” pub­lished this month by Princeton University Press.