Struggling Boys On The Way To The Workplace”

WBUR; May 22, 2014

For years now we’ve heard the drum­beat. American girls advanc­ing on American boys in school. Then girls sur­pass­ing boys. Now girls get more A grades. Seventy per­cent of high school vale­dic­to­ri­ans – girls. A lot more girls – young women – going to and com­plet­ing col­lege. Now, all eyes are on the American work­place. Is it next for this trend? If school has become less a field of tri­umph for boys, will the work­place fol­low? Will empow­er­ment of women and a chang­ing school and work­place world mean males to the rear? This hour On Point:  boys and school, and the com­ing American workforce.


SEII’s David Autor joins Jim Tessler  and Peg Tyre to discuss.