How much does attending one of these elite high schools matter? Not as much as you might think.

Chalkbeat; April 2, 2019

The assump­tion sits at the heart of a rag­ing debate about elite high schools in Boston and New York City: that schools like Stuyvesant and Boston Latin offer the very best prepa­ra­tion for col­lege that the pub­lic school sys­tem can provide.

Why isn’t every pub­lic school in New York City a Brooklyn Tech-cal­iber school?” Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said recent­ly, refer­ring to one of New York City’s test-in high schools. “Every one should be.”

Admission to Stuyvesant has been a tick­et out of pover­ty for hun­dreds of thou­sands of bril­liant, non-wealthy New York kids,” tweet­ed New York Times colum­nist Bret Stephens.

But stud­ies look­ing at the test-in schools in those cities and in Chicago have found that stu­dents receive lit­tle if any mea­sur­able ben­e­fit from attend­ing them. Students with sim­i­lar qual­i­fi­ca­tions who attend high school else­where end up with com­pa­ra­ble SAT scores and col­lege admis­sions offers, they find.