Bloomberg’s Small Schools Show Higher Graduation Rates, Researchers Say”

Huffington Post; October 24, 2013

According to an October study from researchers at MIT and Duke, the cen­tral focus of Mayor Bloomberg’s edu­ca­tion plan - small­er schools - is show­ing sig­nif­i­cant­ly pos­i­tive results.


Researchers found, from a sam­ple of 150 small high schools cre­at­ed by the Bloomberg admin­is­tra­tion between 2003-2008, stu­dents who attend­ed small high schools were 9 per­cent more like­ly to grad­u­ate and 7 per­cent more like­ly to attend col­lege, as opposed to stu­dents who attend larg­er city high schools.


While these small­er schools offer few­er cours­es, class­room engage­ment is high­er and the stu­dents are more close­ly mon­i­tored. Class num­bers in these small­er schools are usu­al­ly capped at 100 stu­dents per grade.