A Useful Framework for Analyzing the Impact of Technology on Jobs”

Wall Street Journal; September 12, 2014

Beyond pre­dic­tions based on respons­es to a sur­vey, can one devel­op an over­all frame­work to help ana­lyze these crit­i­cal issues? Along this line, [author Irving Wladawsky-Berger likes] Polanyi’s Paradox and the Shape of Employment Growth, a recent paper by MIT econ­o­mist David Autor. The paper was pre­sent­ed at the annu­al Jackson Hole Federal Reserve sym­po­sium, a gath­er­ing of some of the world’s most promi­nent cen­tral bankers, finance experts and aca­d­e­mics, where the theme this year was “Re-eval­u­at­ing Labor Market Dynamics.” The paper care­ful­ly laid out its argu­ments based on exist­ing empir­i­cal evidence.