• About our Discussion Papers

    SEII Discussion Papers report on our work in progress. Discussion Papers include results from SEII's ongoing experimental and econometric evaluations of school effectiveness, our studies of the American income distribution, and our research on student-school matching.
  • The Long-Term Effects of Universal Preschool in Boston

    We use admis­sions lot­ter­ies to esti­mate the effects of large-scale pub­lic preschool in Boston on col­lege-going, col­lege prepa­ra­tion, stan­dard­ized test scores, and behav­ioral out­comes. Preschool enroll­ment boosts col­lege atten­dance, as well as SAT test-tak­ing and high school grad­u­a­tion. Preschool also decreas­es sev­er­al dis­ci­pli­nary mea­sures includ­ing juve­nile incar­cer­a­tion, but has no detectable impact on state achieve­ment test scores. An analy­sis of sub­groups shows that effects on col­lege enroll­ment, SAT-tak­ing, and dis­ci­pli­nary out­comes are larg­er for boys than for girls. Our find­ings illus­trate pos­si­bil­i­ties for large-scale mod­ern, pub­lic preschool and high­light the impor­tance of mea­sur­ing long-term and non-test score out­comes in eval­u­at­ing the effec­tive­ness of edu­ca­tion programs.

    Guthrie Gray-Lobe, Parag Pathak, and Christopher Walters

    Simple and Credible Value-Added Estimation Using Centralized Assignment

    Many large urban school dis­tricts match stu­dents to schools using algo­rithms that incor­po­rate an ele­ment of ran­dom assign­ment. We intro­duce two sim­ple empir­i­cal strate­gies to har­ness this ran­dom­iza­tion for mea­sur­ing the causal effects of indi­vid­ual schools. In appli­ca­tions to data from Denver and New York City, we find that our mod­els yield high­ly reli­able school effec­tive­ness estimates. 

    Joshua Angrist, Peter Hull, Parag Pathak, Christopher Walters

    What prioritizing worse-off minority groups for COVID-19 vaccines means quantitatively: practical, legal, and ethical implications

    Harald Schmidt, Utku Ünver, Michelle Williams, Parag Pathak,Tayfun Sönmez, and Lawrence Gostin

    Marginal Effects of Merit Aid for Low-Income Students

    Joshua Angrist, David Autor, Amanda Pallais

    Do Parents Value School Effectiveness?

    Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Parag A. Pathak, Jonathan Schellenberg, and Christopher R. Walters

    Can Successful Schools Replicate? Scaling Up Boston’s Charter School Sector

    Sarah Cohodes, Elizabeth Setren, Christopher Walters

    Breaking Ties: Regression Discontinuity Design Meets Market Design

    Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Joshua D. Angrist, Yusuke Narita, and Parag A. Pathak

    The Impact of a STEM-Focused Summer Program on College and Major Choices Among Underserved High-Achievers

    Silvia Robles

    Fiscal and Education Spillovers from Charter School Expansion

    Matt Ridley and Camille Terrier

    How Well Do Structural Demand Models Work? Counterfactual Predictions in School Choice

    Parag A. Pathak and Peng Shi