Jaeho Kim

Jaeho Kim is a research assis­tant to Professor Elizabeth Setren. His research inter­ests include pro­vid­ing equal oppor­tu­ni­ty of edu­ca­tion to dis­ad­van­taged stu­dents and study­ing the rela­tion­ship between the achieve­ment gap in schools and the wage gap in labor mar­kets. Jaeho received his M.S. in eco­nom­ics from Tufts University in 2018 and B.A. in eco­nom­ics with a minor in math­e­mat­ics from Konkuk University in 2014. He is involved in eval­u­at­ing the impact of inte­gra­tion caused by METCO pro­gram and will be join­ing Harvard Business School as a research asso­ciate in 2018.