MIT’s Campaign for A Better World highlights SEII research

MIT News; May 8, 2016

Education is often assumed to be the great lev­eler in the United States, a sys­tem that gives stu­dents from all socioe­co­nomic ori­gins an oppor­tu­nity to climb the eco­nomic lad­der and build pro­duc­tive and mean­ing­ful lives. Yet many Americans are increas­ingly skep­ti­cal of pub­lic edu­ca­tion, espe­cially in dif­fi­cult eco­nomic times.


The School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative (SEII) is a research pro­gram that focuses on the eco­nom­ics of edu­ca­tion, plumb­ing the con­nec­tions between American income dis­tri­b­u­tion and edu­ca­tional out­comes. Directed by Joshua Angrist, David Autor, and Parag Pathak—all pro­fes­sors of economics—SEII has stud­ied school qual­ity and edu­ca­tion reform in cities across the country.”