Leveraging Research and Policy to 

Improve K-12 Education in Massachusetts
December 7, 2015, 8:00am - 5:30pm



A num­ber of impor­tant issues are now on the state K-12 edu­ca­tion pol­i­cy agen­da. In the past few years, schol­ars have pro­duced a wide range of results high­ly rel­e­vant for this agen­da. The con­fer­ence is meant to bring mul­ti­ple stake­hold­ers togeth­er for a dis­cus­sion of research find­ings and future work that will be help­ful at this vital time.



Policymakers, researchers, non-prof­it lead­ers and edu­ca­tion jour­nal­ists will be invit­ed.



Click here for the agen­da.



Registration is now closed. Any jour­nal­ists who wish to attend should con­tact Annice Correia Gabel (acorreia@mit.edu).


Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
600 Atlantic Ave #100
Boston, MA 02210


Keynote Speaker:
Roland Fryer, Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University and fac­ul­ty direc­tor of the Education Innovation Laboratory.


Conference Organizers:

Katharine Bradbury, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Mary Burke, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Robert Triest, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Joshua Angrist, MIT and SEII
Parag Pathak, MIT and SEII


Please address any ques­tions to acorreia@mit.edu.